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Technical Education and Research Institute was established as an appendage of post-graduate college which has an illustrious history of nearly five decades.The college has been the linechpin of higher education in eastern U.P a region hitherto plagued by economic backwardness for several unfortunate reasons.All the adversities not withstanding,the college has served as an academic womb for countless dignitaries who has embellished the intellectual environment in Indian and abroad.The college has been catering to the disparate academic needs of the society by offering a wide range of disciplines art, science, education,agricultural science,music,enviromental sciences,physical education,etc.at both graduate and post-graduate levels.

Establishment of TERI exemplifies constant urge of the Degree College Association to enrich its repertoire with the ever-changing demands of time.In1994,TERI was the first and only institute to offers MCA degree programme from from V.B.S Purvanchal University,Jaunpur,TERI also earned the unique distinction of being the first institute in U.P.to offer MCA course apart from state-funded engineering colleges which were the only institutions allowed to run such programmes until 1994.

The Institute took a step ahead in 1998 by introducing the MBA Degree Programme,also from V.B.S Purvanchal University.After the enactment of the U.P.Technical University at 2000, all technical courses running in various institutes of U.P.were affiliated to U.P.Technical University located at I.E.T.Campus,Sitapur Road,Lucknow.

A further step towards backward integration of its course-max was taken in 2005 when graduate level degree courses of BBA and BCA were introduced.These courses are affiliated to V.B.S.Purvanchal University,jaunpur.

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