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Recognizing the important of practical traning.TERI has established state-of-the art computing resources incrporating latest hardware and software.Three fully air conditioned computer labs having 120 intel core i-5 & i-7 systems in all, with high speed networking and all necessary accessories are provided to students.Each lab is under a Lab-incharge and computer programmer to insure that every students receives maximum possible personalized assistance.

Operating System:

Window NT, Linux, Unix Windows-ME, Window-XP, Window-2000
Networking Environment
Windows NT 4.0Novel Network,Windows-XP,Unix,Linux

Software :

Compilers C,C++,C#,JDK,1.4,2.0 VC++,PASCAL
RDBMS Oracle 11i,Power Builder 4.0,MS-SQL
Server PWS, TOMCAT,JAVA web server.IIS
Platform VB,NET,ASP,NET,J2EE (BEA Web Logic)

Additional Package :

CorelDraw-16,Photoshop CS-2 Adobe Kit,Flash,VB 6.0 (PE) D2K,J Builder

Hardware :

Server IBM Server,HP Prolient
Clients Core i-5, and i-7 based compaq & HCI
Project LCD,OHP and Slide Projects
Accessories Laser, Inkjet and Dot-Matrix Printers
Scanners DVD-Writer,Zip Drives,Pen Drives,etc.

Organization Laboratory :

Students learn about computer organizatioin in a full- fledged separate oraganization lab through the use of components like : Digital kit 8085 Microprocessor kits, Half-Adder Circuit, bread Board Circuit JK,RS,D Flip Flop binary UP-DOWN counter,Left-Right Shift Register,5Volt DC Supply,Registers and Connecting wires.

Unix Laboratory :

There is a separate UNIX/Linux LAB for MCA Students.

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