Director's Message

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I am pleased to learn of your interest in Technical Education and Research Institute and this view book will provide ample insight of our philosophy of work, academic programmes, multifarious facilities, campus life and diverse activities.
From a modest beginning in 1994 TERI has now grown in to a fully integrated professional institute. For the last 18 years, we have adopted a sentient and dynamic approach to professional education which confers to the expectations of varied interest groups. The institute fosters and nurtures leaders capable of making difference in the management of corporate sector. We inculcate human values and professional ethics in the students which goes a long way in making them good decision makers and responsible citizens.
Choosing an institution of higher professional learning is the first stepping stone in the career paths of students. We assure that through our all-inclusive approach and high internal capabilities, we shall groom perfect careers for aspirants.
The institute aspires to become a center of excellence in professional and technical education through integration, creation and dissemination of knowledge research in management and information technology would be the thrust area so that knowledge acquired is fruitfully applied to various sectors of the economy and society.
I invite students to this temple of learning for a true learning experience with assurance that they will graduate as thorough professionals and integral human beings.

Prof. D. N. Singh  |   Director