Recognizing the importance of practical training, TERI has established state-of-the-art computing resources incorporating latest hardware and software.Three fully air conditioned computer labs having 120 intel crore i5 system in all, with high speed networking and all necessary accessories are provided to student .Each lab is under a Lab-Incharge and a Computer Programmer to ensure that every student receives maximum possible personalized assistance.

The labs have 2 Mbps Broadband Internet connection available round-the-clock through out the network , offering unlimited internet access to every student.

Operating Systems:Windows-2003Server, Windows NT, Linux, Unix, Windows-7. Network Environment: Windows, Novel Netware, Unix/Linux

Software Compilers: C,C ++ C#, JDK1.4JSDK2.0,VC ++, PASCAL, FORTRAN, COBOL RDBMS: Oracle Hi, Powrer Builder4.0, MS-SQL, MATLAB-R2014A, WEKA-6.1 Server: PWS TOMCAT, JAVA Web Server IIS Platform :VB.NET, J2EE(BEA Web Logic)

Additional Packages : CorelDRAW-16, Photoshop CS2, Adobe Kit, Flash, VB6.0(PE), D2K, J Builder

Hardware Server : IBM Server, Compaq/ HP Prolient Client : Core i5 based Compaq& HCL Nodes Projectors: LCD, OHP and Slide Projectors Accessories: Laser, Inkjet and Dot-Matrix Printers, Scanners, DVD-Writers, Zip Drives, Pen Drives.

Organization Laboratory Students learn about computer organization in a full-fledged separate organization lab through the use of components like: Digital Trainer Kits, 8085 Microprocessor Kits, Half-adder circuit, full-adder circuit, Bread Board Circuit, JK, RS, D Flip Binary Up-Down Counter, Left-Right Shift Register, 5VoltDC Supply, Register and connecting wires.

Unix Laboratory There is a separate UNIX/Linux LAB for MCA students.