Beyound Academics

TERI has imbibed the tradition of pagentry from P.G college,its flagship.It is the hub of extracurricular activities and campus life is marked by festivals,concerts,visits of distinguished personalities,trade-fairs, exhibitions,competitions staff and management.TERI has trading of inviting personalities who have made significant contribution in their fields.particularly education,social welfare and economy.Guests share their views and experience with students and staff,and cultural programmes are organized in their honor.


TERI organizes personality development and career counselling programmes on a regular basis keeping in view the peculiar requirement of students of this region

It is an observed fact that graduates often lack the necessary cutting edge in the job-market,in terms of self-confidence,presentation and marketability.They tend to be book-worm,concentrating more on acquistition of theoretical knowledge for decoration their mark-sheets and neglecting personality and communication aspects in the process.PDPs and CCPs conducted by TERI are custom designed to complement the unique skills of every individual TERI has been fortunate enough to avail servicss of some of the best experts in india in the field of personalitly grooming.Recently a personality development work shop was conducted in the campus by Mr S.S.S chauhan (VM) Retd.Group captain,IAF and presently the director of K.M institute of perfection,indore,a prestigious name in personality.He was assisted by Mr.A.N Verma Retd.Wing commander,IAF,presently a successful entrepreneur based in Delhi.Both the experts have vast experience of grooming professionals for career advancement.The week long work-shop has different sessions every day, each dedicated to indivisual attribute of effective personality like self confident,body language, proficient communication skill, dressing sense, interview and group discussion skill,etc. In view of the huge success of workshop, it is proposed that it shall be a regular feature every semester along with the university-prescribed curriculum.

TERIans are also-exposed to psychometric analysis to gauge their IQ and suitability for job in various sectors of the economy,such sessions help in highlighting the deficiencies as well as exceptional skill of students so that they can prepare their career paths well in advance.The institute is also considering tie-up with leading institute of india to help its undergraduate students prepare for national/International level entrance examination like CAT,GMAT,GATE MAT,TOEFL,etc and be on equal footing with students of metropolitan cities.